Mucumbli (Lannea Welwitschii) is a large tree of medicinal interest and considered in some West African countries as a magic tree. There are several Mucumbli in the area where we have our facilities.
Mucumbli L imitada is a company governed by Sao Tome, whose object is agricultural and livestock exploitation, provision of services in the agricultural, livestock and veterinary sector, provision of tourist services, guide services, excursions, vehicle rental and bicycles.

Agriculture, livestock and tourism are Mucumbli's main areas of intervention. Everything in a human dimension, eco-sustainable. The actions programmed in the three domains of intervention, mainly aim to promote employment in the District of Lemba, considered among the Districts with the highest index of poverty in São Tomé and Príncipe and with less employment opportunities. All activities are carried out through the full involvement of local populations, thus creating employment and promoting the settlement of the population in the District.
In our facilities you can visit various species of endemic plants, participate in agricultural work, visit our animals, discover the traditional flavors of the archipelago, with a mixture of Italian dishes, or simply relax to the rhythm of the waves of the sea and the songs of birds.
We are in Ponta Figo, Praia das Furnas, shortly after the city of Neves, in the District of Lemba.